At Life Message we want to do all we can to FEED the Hungry, HELP Those in Need, and GIVE Hope to those we serve.  And although we are primarily a hunger relief organization, we recognize that our clients, our partners clients, and those in our communities have a variety of needs to be met. We believe that only through strategic partnerships and collaboration can we make a greater impact in the lives of those we serve. 

RefillWise works regardless of document status. They take your privacy and security seriously, always protects your personal information, and never sells data to third parties.

We are excited to announce that thanks to our NEW partnership with RefillWise, you & your families now have access to immediate SAVINGS the next time you/they fill a prescription. 

Simply text "lifemessage" to 22822 and receive your FREE discount prescription card. 

After you've received the discount card on your phone, just show it to your pharmacist when you drop off or pickup a prescription. RefillWise is accepted at all major retail pharmacies and most independent pharmacies nationwide. 

BONUS - when you use your RefillWise discount card, you'll earn $5 with your first prescription and continue to earn another $5 after every 10 prescriptions. 

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