Life Message & Tornado Relief In Rowlett

There are so many people & businesses to thank and the words "Thank You" don't seem to be enough.  We deeply appreciate all that was done to help those effected by the tornado!​  Life Message had the privilege of assisting over 150 families that came into our facility and many others that we visited in the effected neighborhoods.  We also want to thank all of the volunteers who gave their time & their compassion to help with all of the needs.  Life Message appreciates all that was done!!

We love what we do at Life Message!

Closing out 2014 at Life Message 

It has been another year of tremendous growth and exciting changes at Life Message.  We hope that the year 2015 brings more growth, more support and that we make positive strides to the efforts of putting an end to hunger.  There are so many people to thank and we appreciate each and every one!  To those making monetary donations, local businesses providing paper products & ice, supporters of our annual events, shoppers in our Thrift Stores and everyone who brings us all of your donated clothes & household items….Thank You! 

At the beginning of 2014, the focus was on increasing the amount of food being donated to Life Message, becoming more visible to the public and encouraging more involvement with the community.   The number of new clients that register each month has doubled.  From January to December of 2014, 956 new families applied for assistance.  The amount of food that was distributed more than doubled.  We averaged around 50,000 pounds in the month of January to over 130,000 pounds in the month of December. 

In July, Life Message was honored as the Business of the Month from the City of Rowlett.  In the same month, Life Message was given its very first financial grant from the City of Rowlett.  The grant was used to purchase thousands of pounds of food and 3 brand new refrigeration units.   

Life Message held its annual events to help raise funds.  The 5th annual golf tournament was held in September and helped to raise over $7,000.00. The second annual Thanksgiving Feast served over 1,000 meals, despite the freezing temperatures and wet weather.  With the assistance of the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church in Rowlett and the owner of Playfully Ever After Toys, John Burger, we were able to provide Christmas to over 200 children.  We hope to triple that in 2015. 

In December, Life Message made some exciting cosmetic changes to the facilities by expanding our food pantry and updating the clothing section.  There is more room for food and for serving our clients.  

Life Message has big plans for 2015 and we want to encourage everyone to get involved!  There are several events that are already in the works.  Please visit our website frequently to keep up with the events, volunteer opportunities and updates on what is going on at Life Message.

There is always something to do at Life Message but we can’t do what we do….without you!

Rowlett chamber of commerce business of the month ~ July 2014

Life Message was awarded the Business of Month award for July 2014 from the Rowlett Chamber of Commerce.  
We are so honored to accept this award and truly appreciate the recognition!  
Thank you to everyone who attended our presentation.

4501 Rowlett Rd., Suite 200

Rowlett, TX 75088
​(972) 475-9800

Life Message

Community Partner of the Year

presented to

Life Message

Thank you to the Rowlett Chamber of Commerce, to the city of Rowlett, our great hard working staff & to all of our volunteers!!

Thank you GISD for this very special recognition!!

Vocational Adjustment Business of the Year

Garland Independent School District

May 27, 2015

In recognition of our performance working with students with special needs.

february 7, 2014

it's been 2 years

Wow! I can't believe we've already been in our Rowlett location two years! Two years went by very quick but those two years produced a lot of growth and changes.  When Life Message moved to Rowlett, there were uncertainties and concerns for the future of the organization.  So many
questions like, is this the right location? Is the facility too big or too small? Will there be growth and should the number of clients be capped?
Will there be enough food? Just how much need is there?  

Well, the good news is, all of those questions were answered and in a very positive light.  The location turned out to be great and opened up the opportunity for the Thrift Store. The Thrift Store provides funding that supports the food pantry. Generous donations made it possible to find space for the donation processing center.  The processing center provided the ability to sort out donations that are used to clothe and help our
growing client base.  

Life Message feeds approximately 4,800 people every month and new clients are added to that number weekly.  With the support of the North Texas Food Bank and their retail program, Life Message is able to provide enough fresh produce, breads, desserts and meats to feed those clients.  Thanks to the kind generosity of our supporters we were able to host a few special events this year such as the School Supplies Giveaway, the Thanksgiving Meal that fed over 800 people a hot meal and our toy give away in December.  Life Message graciously accepted the donation of a much needed box truck that was made possible by Spring Creek Community Church.

There are so many people, churches, preachers, city councilman, youth groups & organizations, businesses, volunteers, friends & supporters to
thank.  Without the help of everyone involved with Life Message, it would not be as successful as it has been these past two years.  
Thank You!

Two years are in the books with the future of Life Message headed in a positive direction and looked back on with gratitude.  We can’t do what we do without you. Join us and let’s make even more of a difference in our community by feeding, clothing and giving hope to those in need.

Living Lakeside — November 2015

Walking The Walk In Rowlett
By:  Amanda Blair
Life Message’s mission to end local hunger

Thank you Rowlett Mayor Todd Gottel for featuring Life Message. We truly appreciate the support we receive from the city of Rowlett!

A look into what we do at Life Message.  We would love for you to get involved!